Montreal's Jewish Neighbourhood of Papineau

During the last half of 2007 in Ottawa, my father Philip Teitelbaum recounted his memories of the Montreal neighbourhood known as Papineau, during the time he grew up there. He arrived in 1927 at the age of three and lived there until he was 18. I taped his accounts and stories; my sons-in-law provided the street map and photos. Most of the people living in Papineau were Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe. The neighbourhood consisted of Papineau Avenue, and the adjacent streets, mainly between St Zotique and Bellechasse. I have been receiving emails from many Papineau people, their children and grandchildren. Their accounts, photographs and documents are being added to this website. Please send in yours.
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There may be a few errors. If you have different or additional information, e-mail me, Peter Teitelbaum. Please put the word "Papineau" on the subject line of your e-mail.