Montreal's Jewish Neighbourhood of Papineau


  1. Three houses the Teitelbaum's lived in
  2. Red Shul
  3. White Shul
  4. Talmud Torah (cheder) - courtesy Leslie Lutsky
  5. Streetcar and old milk bottle top
  6. Papineau Avenue butchers
  7. Bottle from Eskimo Bottling Works


  1. Old list of Papineau names found by Elliot Levine
  2. Invitation to a meeting at the Red Shul
  3. Naturalization papers - side 1
  4. Naturalization papers - side 2
  5. Bill for dues in arrears (White Shul)
There are more photos in some of the individual family sections, for example Teitelbaum, Levine, Feigleman and Nebach. Thanks to Shannon Hodge, archivist at the Jewish Public Library Archives, and to all who have sent in photographs and documents. Return to main page.