1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped memories (Also on this segment: Shefter)
  2. Norman Wexelman tells about the family
  3. Wexelman family lineage through three generations

Audio is ON Philip Teitelbaum's taped memories (Also on this segment: Shefter) Peter: Shefter? Philip: The son's name was Solly. Really, nothing much to say... Peter: Wexelman? Philip: Wexelman - on Cartier Street also, and uh...I think they were related to Epstein on Cartier Street. Not much else.
Norman Wexelman wrote in late July, 2008: "My Grandfather Isaac and my grandmother Libby were born in Russia, came to Canada in 1890s (My Grandfather said he had seven brothers but they scattered all over the world from the pogrom) They lived on Cartier St between Beaubien & St Zotique they had 5 Children." "The line of work on the Wexelman side my father and his brother & brother in laws,were mainly working in the Garment Industry. My brothers and I were also inthe Fashion Industry, I was President Of Skirt Togs Industries, My brother Ronnie was a partner in Queens Wear, My brother Irwin was associated with me for a while then worked with my brother Ronnie."
Wexelman family lineage
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