Montreal's Jewish neighbourhood of Papineau

Family lineage


First generation Isaac and Libby Wexelman Notes: born in Russia, came to Canada in 1890's. Isaac's seven brothers scattered to many countries because of pogroms in Russia.
Second generation Alex married Freda Schwartz Louis married Sarah (Faynzilberg) Fine Sarah married Sol Epstein Ida married Harry Cohen Ray married Moe Kravitz Jean married Nat Skarf Notes:: Louis moved to Hartford, Conn.
Third generation From Alex and Freda: Norman married Irene Dubrofsky (daughter of Shy Dubrofsky & Sadie Pinsky) Ronnie married Gertie Klar, Marilyn married Irving Dubrofsky Irwin married Toby Pila From Louis and Sarah: a son From Sarah and Sol: Ben Claire From Ida and Harry: Sybil Sidney From Ray and Moe: Jeannie Frances From Jean and Nat: Barry Helen
Sources Norman Wexelman, July 2008 Josh Skarf, September 2009
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