The White Shul (Chaverim Kol Yisrael)

Audio is ON but will stop when you leave this page Philip: I donít know too much about the congregation of the White Shul, but I do remember that Abe Weiss belonged to the White Shul. His father, something about the Weiss family, two of them, I Ö I canít picture ever seeing the man yet there was brothers and sisters. Peter: What was like, why was there two shuls? What I mean is was there any actual real difference between the two of them? Philip: No theyíre both orthodox shuls. Both orthodox shuls. Iíd say the population wasÖ Yeah, I know the Red Shul was a full shul. I donít know if they had as much fun in there as we had in there, but probably... you know. And I donít really know other than I think Abe Weiss, the only one that I know that the family, or the person went to the White Shul. I donít know too much about that. And then there was Korzenstein
  • Rare photos of the White Shul
  • A bill for dues in arrears ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On July 23, 2008, Mortimer Constantine confirmed in an email that those photos are of the White Shul. He also wrote: My grandfather was Noah Avrum Fishman. He came to Canada from a small villiage near Kiev. He was a furrier by trade, and was also the Cantor at the White Shul. Some of the members of the Shul were; Sam Kligman Rosenfeld who founder a very successful meat packing firm, Mel-Rose Packers. Letosky. who were butchers and lived on Papineau. [Letofsky?] The Sambath family who lived on Papineau The Lutsky family who owned a Pharmacy on Papineau The Gersberg family on Papineau Street The Glassberg familly on Papineau The Acomsky family who owned a 5 to 1.00 store at the corner of Papineau and Beaubien [Yakumsky?] The Mattorin family who operated a beauty salon on Papineau just south of Beaubien The Percher family who lived directly across from me on Papineau. They owned a Junk Yard. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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