Philip Teitelbaum: "They lived on St Zotique. Abie was the youngest. Even as a kid, I remember him walking along, going to the bank to make a deposit because he had been working. I didn't really hang around much with him until we were in the going-out years, about 16."
The following was sent to me July 17, 2008 by Saul Rose: "I just read the article about you in the Canadian Jewish News and thought I would add some information towards your research. One of the families who lived in the area for a number of years was related to me. Their name was Weis and my Uncle Victor, Aunt Sarah and my cousins, Abie and Anna, were hosts for our regular visits to their home during the 1930's and early 40's. They had what seemed like a lovely spacious home (compared to what we had growing up on Esplanade/St. Urbain Streets) and a vegetable garden in front that was a revelation for urban dwellers like us."
Note from myself (Peter Teitelbaum): "Abe and Ruth Weis family lived in Park Extension in the 1950's, as did we. I was friends with their son Merv. They moved but again at McGill we became good friends. I remember Abe as a good-humored guy who - if I remember right - liked cigars." Merv added July 2008: - "Abie liked to smoke cigars. To be exact, he liked a brand called Punch Lilly. If those weren't available, he then smoked Simon Statesman. Whenever you saw Abie, you always saw a cigar hanging out of his mouth."
From Pearl Nebach Maritzer, August 2008: "Abie Weiss: Marquette near St Zot.was friendly with Morris Shwalb and Aidney Atlas. Atlas lived on Papineau near Bellechasse[?].
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