1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Peter: Mrs. Trub was one of the people I actually know because she used to come to 7820. What about the Trubs? Philip: Well, Mr. Trub, the work he did, he’d buy the raw hides, he’d call them skins, from the butchers, and um, he ah, used to have them laid out and put salt on them to preserve them, the hides. I guess prior to going to the tanner where these skins were tanned, and I still remember a place that he always talked about a man by the name of Mr. Keisel who was in the same business. And he always spoke a lot Keisel, Keisel. Peter: So he’s the one who ran that business. You lived upstairs from that. Philip: We lived upstairs but at one point they were renting from us. There were like two residences upstairs and at one point the Trubs rented from us, so he was, they were upstairs there too. Peter: What did your parents think of that tanning business underneath, with the smells? Philip: Well, at that time my father wanted to have some income and that’s the reason he did it. I know my mother used to complain about it. Peter: How is it that they… were they about the best friends your parents had because how come, Mrs. Trub, Mr. and Mrs. Trub were the ones that used to come visit on de l’Epee. Philip: Umm… It’s a funny thing, because I only remember them coming to visit on Papineau, on Cart… on Marquette Street. Shirley: Are you talking about the Trubs? Peter: Yeah Philip: Yeah Shirley: They were always at visiting on de l’Epee. Always. Peter: So they must have been good friends? Philip: Oh they were very very…. (everyone talks at once) …long time. Shirley: You don’t remember them on de l’Epee? Philip: No. I don’t remember…
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