Teitelbaum - Part 2

  1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Peter: Next to the Barbucci’s was the first house you moved into. Philip: Yup. Now, from… Peter: What was the address? Philip: 6588 Cartier. We moved in there from… I was about to say from home. My mother and father only referred to the Ukraine or Russia as their Haim. Der haim. Back in der haim this, back in der heim this. So it was only from home. Haim haim haim. Peter: For how long did they do that? Philip: For… like years and years and years. Many many years it was still home. I never heard them really talk about it as a bad place really, except for one incident when the kossaks came to the house and they ripped ah… a ring off my mothers… But when they spoke about it about home like… the apples were juicier, the watermelons were tastier, the food was better. Really spoke to their… except for the blotte. Blotte is mud. It seems that there was so much blotte there that all I remember hearing was blotte blotte blotte. When it rained it was mud mud mud all over the place. Peter: So that house, do you remember it that first place? Philip: I remember it perfectly. Peter: So what did it look like Philip: You walked into the passage and straight ahead at the end of the passage there was a round stove that they used to feed this black black charcoal into. It became so hot that the the metal around it was like red from the, it was like a barbeque. It was real real, in the winter, it was red red. I remember it as being a very cold house. When you walked in on the left that was the living room and I remember the the cover of the sofa had gold um… thread like, like gold thread. Like a gold thread among the material itself like. I remember that I would say vividly. I remember a stove in the kitchen that had like a back… backboard and a thing coming out of it also. That’s the only think I remember. Our family. We were eventually 5 kids: Issie, Harry, Philip (me), Mottie, and Judy (Etie). We lived at 6588 Cartier first. We moved in there....I was about to say, from home. In 1931 we moved back to Cartier from Marquette Street.
Sam's (Shaya Leib) naturalization papers, both sides. It notes where he was born. Your browser does not seem able to show this photo. Your browser does not seem able to show this photo.

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