1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Peter: So the upstairs of your first house, next door to the Feigelman’s. Philip: Next door to the Feigelman’s. Peter: This is the house where Owen took the picture of the two doors? Philip: Yup, And the Stein, Ettie Stein lived there. I remember the Steins. I remember the mother, I don’t remember the father much. The mother spoke with a very heavy Polish accent. Yiddish with a Polish accent. Which is quite different from the Russian Yiddish. Peter: Basically she spoke Yiddish the way they spoke it in Poland? Philip: Yes. And which is completely understandable. But there are certain words that when I hear now are still… uh… like um… instead of vegaist, vegeist, something like that. So that was the mother. Ettie I remember as a very very nice. She was more Izzy’s age than my age which would be about four years older, maybe even a little more. I remember just one thing where she sent away the top of a cereal of some kind to Our Jimmy. Our Jimmy used to, we heard him on the radio all the time, playing bag pipes and doing Irish or Scottish jig with his feet. Ettie told me to listen in at a certain time at a certain day and sure thing he read out my name which is probably the highlight of my… of my career. Peter: How did he come to read out your name? Philip: Because she sent that in for me and he would read the name of people and that was a tremendous, tremendous thing. Peter: You know that house, like you see the two doors… was it two people downstairs and two people upstairs? Philip: Yeah. Peter: So who lived next door to you downstairs? Philip: Can’t remember. Peter: Ok, but they would have to go up other steps to get upstairs. Philip: Yeah, you’ll see, you’ll see, no they didn’t go through, Montreal has a lot of that.
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