1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Philip: I’m going to go on to the west side of Cartier street. The side opposite the shul. Opposite the shul, but also we’ll be coming to the first house that we moved into when we first came to Canada. Because the one on the east side is not the first house. That was 6571 that we were... So on the west side from Beaubien was first Mrs. Sorkin on the corner of Cartier and Beaubien. They owned their own home. Mr. Sorkin used to do building actually of homes. They also owned the home at 6571 cartier where we lived. Mrs. Sorkin kind of adopted my mother when we first came. Everything was to do with Mrs. Sorkin. Any… anything that my mother wanted to know she would… it was with Mrs. Sorkin. She was older than my mother so she practically acted like a mother to my mother. Mrs. Sorkin had one son Moe who had a dog by the name of Top. Black dog. She had two daughters who were married and didn’t live in Papineau and did very very well. And when the daughters would visit their mother… The Sorkins came from Lithuania. Mrs Sorkin "adopted" my mother and father. She was older than my mother, so she practically acted like a mother to my mother. The first house we lived in was owned by them, on the corner of Cartier and Beaubien, and also the third house we lived in, back on Cartier. There was a flood in the basement and Mr Sorkin died. I don't know what happened. Mrs Sorkin's son Moe had a black dog called Top, and Moe was never seen without Top. Ever. When my mother went to the hospital to give birth to Mutty, Issie, Harry and I stayed at Mrs. Sorkin's house. It was the biggest treat I ever had in my life. She had big pillows on the bed, white sheets, she treated us so well. She was something else. When her husband died, she married Mr Glassman, who was the uncle of Issie Glassman, a very good friend of mine. Mr Glassman had a stationery store on Craig Street. he was a jolly nice man and Mrs. Sorkin was very fond of him. Mrs Sorkin had two daughters who were adults and they were beautiful and did very well. They were living elsewhere. The younger daughter was Ida. The older one was married and had two boys named Sidney and Martin. Martin would have been born about 1922 or 1923. Sidney's father was an accountant. I remember I was given a beautiful belt that belonged to Martin. Mrs Sorkin lived on Cartier. She also had lived downstairs from us (Teitelbaum) at 6571 Cartier, in about 1931.
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