1. Sandra Small Silverman tells about the Slotnikoff family
  2. The Slotnikoff family lineage through three generations

Sandra Small Silverman tells about the Slotnikoff family August, 2008 My mother is from Papineau. Her family name is Slotnikoff. My grandfather David was a tailor and they lived on Marquette between Beaubien and St Zotique. He was married to Katie who died very young and he remarried. The children were Bessie who married Harry Levine, Annie who married Louis Browns, Dinah who married Jack Erdle, Laura who married someone last name Rapps, and Celia ( my mother) who married Louis Small (Smalback). My mother was born on Jan. 6, 1915 on Marquette St. ( I was trying to find the exact address but I haven't gotten it yet). My grandfather lived until 1955, and his wife lived there for quite a while after. When my mother married she did not move far from there and lived on De lanaudiere St. between Beaubien and St. Zotique until about 1955. I grew up in that area, went to Earl Grey School, Ahmerst School, and then Nesbitt School which was in Rosemount. I moved to Park Ex when I was 10. Her sister Annie lived on De La Roche St. after she was married and also moved to Park Ex around 1954. She was married to Louis Browns. His brother Maurice started Browns Bottle and Louis worked for his brother. My aunt Dinah lived on Fabre St. after she was married and also lived on Papineau before she moved to Park Ex, probably around 1954-55 also. Her other sister Bessie moved to Ormstown and Laura moved to Toronto. I will try to get some of my cousins to write you and give you more details. My mother is the youngest and the only one left. I can remember the couple who had a cleaners on Papineau which was between Beaubien and Bellechasse. Their last name was Better, hers was Mollie but I can't remember his. and next door was Lafferman. (I think his name was Al.) I don't think I saw their names on your list. I will get my cousin to write, her parents were very good friends with the Better's. I remember going to their house every Sunday night to watch the Ed Sullivan Show. They were the only ones who had a TV at the time. It must have been 1952. December, 2008: Hi Peter, I just found some id from my grandfather which gave his address as 6622 Marquette St. I know that as of a few years ago, his house was still there and looking the same as it did when I was little.
Slotnikoff family lineage
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