1. Robert Skolnick's written submission

Robert Skolnick's written submission of July 20, 2008 My late parents and I lived in the Papineau area until 1974. My dad moved there with my grandparents and his two brothers and four sisters when he was a child. They lived on Marquette Street, 6965 Marquette St., between Belanger and Jean Talon Street. The 2 shuls, the white shul ( Chaverim Kol Israel) and the red shul ( Tiffereth Yerurshalim) were on Cartier St., between St. Zotique and Beaubien Street until 1962. Chaverim Kol Israel amalgamated with the Shevet Achim Synagogue in 1962 which was already on Cote des Neiges, corner of De La Peltrie St. We, the Skolnicks, were members of the Chaverim Kol Israel Synagogue. My late grandfather, Moishe Skolnick, helped build the synagogue on Cartier St. Jewish life was thriving in the Papineau area until the early 1960s. The Tiffereth Yerushalim amalgamated with the Beth David Synagogue to become Tiffereth Beth David Jerusalem Synagogue on Baily St. in Cote St. Luc. My father and his brothers along with my late grandfather had an ice business and they delivered ice by horse and wagon. My dad and his brothers and sisters went to Peace Centennial School on Jean Talon at Boyer St. The school was founded in 1914 and during the fiirst half of the 20th Century, there were mostly Jews and Italians who went to Peace Centennial. There was also Amhurst School on Cartier St., that had a lot of Jews. The Jewish community in the Papineau area started around 1910. The community was there until the early 1960s. We, the Skolnicks, were the last to move from Papineau and that was in 1974.
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