I received this e-mail from Harvey Berger, July 28, 2008. "My name is Harvey. I'm 75. My mother had and aunt & uncle - Mima Tuba and feter Leib who lived on Marquette. Their family name was Roffman. Feter Leib operated a 'candy store' and small grocery on a corner there and lived upstairs with their son Moe amd daughters Fanny and Molly. As a kid I'd accompany my Mom on the yellow Beaubien electric but from Fairmount and St. Viateur to that store on Marquette Street. I had also heard about the 2 shules from my dear friend Irwin Browns whose late father Maurice Browns grew up in Papineau.I thought at the time it was a remote corner of the city for Jews to be living in; I grew up on Hutchison and Fairmount. I think it was a very modest life they lived with Feter Leib trying to eke out a living selling sticks of gum and liquorice and some canned goods. He always wore a bowler hat, a striped shirt and a tie with an apron tied around his waist. He was a very gentle man who seemed to me better suited to some other livelihood. Moe served in the Can. army. I don't recall what he did after the war. Fanny & Molly both married. I commend your efforts. I recall the "musical" staged at the Bronfman centre - "Papinu" it was called because that was how these Yiddish- speaking Montrealers referred to that neighbourhood. Good luck Harvey Berger" Return to home page.