1. Bunny Percher Weinbaum tells about the family
  2. Percher family lineage through three generations

Bunny Percher Weinbaum tells about the family The following are notes I made from a telephone conversation with Bunny (Percher) Weinbaum, July 29, 2008. Her grandfather Chaim Percher came in 1907 from Russia - possibly around Odessa - with his wife Esther and three children. The kids were Celia, Toby and Issie. Celia became Celia Bell, and Toby became a Schecter. Issie's wife was Annie, and they were Bunny's parents. Once married, Issie and family lived in Papineau only briefly, in 1935 and again in 1939. Esther died in 1933 and Chaim later remarried. Bunny has an old photo of the family taken while still in Europe. Chaim Percher was in the junk business, and had a large yard where material was kept, on the same property as the house, at 6771 Marquette. Bunny remembers that the bathtub was in the kitchen, but when not in use, it was covered with a board and so served as a table. Chaim helped build the White Shul. Chaim had a brother, Gedalia (perhaps wrong spelling), who lived on Papineau Avenue. His wife was Vera, or "Vitta". They had four sons: Louis, the oldest, Issie, Joe and Daniel. None are alive, all buried in the cemetery on de la Savane in Montreal. Bunny remembers that her grandfather's neighbours included the Garnocks, Leiboffs, and an Aronoff family. When married, Bunny lived on de l'Epee Ave. in Park Extension, across the street from us (Teitelbaum).
Percher family lineage
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