1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also: Cohen, Schneider, Naran, Dubreuil, Creatchman, Tessier) - July 2007
  2. Lorna Kutzin Clamen tells about the Kligman family
  3. Kligman family lineage through three generations

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment, Cohen, Schneider, Naran, Dubreuil, Creatchman, Tessier) Audio is ON Peter: Cohen the shoemaker. Philip: Yeah. And next to Cohen was Schneider. Mrs Schneider was the daughter of Cohen the shoemaker. And the Schneider's had two sons, Harry and Meyer. Harry used to go...Harry's uncle, Mrs Schneider's brother owned Lionel's Drug Store on Park Avenue and I think it was between Bernard and St Viateur. Harry used to go there and work for his uncle and eventually became a druggist and owned the store. The brother Meyer, he became a gambler. Peter: Really. Philip: Yeah, used to gamble money all the time. Never married. Neither of these two boys married. Then we come to Glickman. [Note: the correct name is Kligman]. It was a fifteen cents store also. Peter: So like a Woolworth-type store. Philip: A Woolworth-type store. That's right. Then there was Naran, whose daughter I mentioned before in that baseball incident. He had a haberdasher store. He was a very dashing man too, always very well dressed. Then there was this guy I said - J Emile Dubreuil. Peter: Oh the guy who became alderman? Philip: The guy who ran and became alderman. And Mr Creatchman.... Shirley: Peter, are these eggs done enough for you? Philip: And Mr Creatchman, that was a man who was living on Garnier Street....and also loved making speeches. Used the word absolutely. Practically every second word. Absolutely vote for J Emile Dubreuil. Absolutely. Peter: Why was he so keen on him? Philip: I guess he had his reasons. Maybe Dubreuil did something, or could do something for him, Or maybe it was really that know. I say I knew J Emile Dubreuil...I see his face in front of me...bald man, his pictures in the windows of stores. So Mr Creatchman used to make those speeches about voting for him. And he did get in, he was running against this guy Lamar. And then I guess there was Mr Tessier, that I mentioned to you. Yeah, Dr Tessier. Peter: Your getting into French Canadian names, you haven't had any... Philip: Yeah. And Dr Tessier used to take the tonsils out of everybody.I think Motty ran away after he cut... Shirley: His mother took him home on the streetcar after he had his tonsils out. (Laughter) Philip: Never put you to sleep, believe me. He looked like....he was a jolly fellow Shirley: Sure. He yanked everything out and nobody did anything.... Philip: White hair...he looked like my idea of what Schweitzer would've looked like. Peter: The neighbourhood ended at Bellechasse, right? Philip: No - Dubreuil, Lamar and Tessier were already at Rosemount which was past Bellechasse. Peter: So was there a Jewish population right down to Bellechasse? Philip: To Bellechasse, yeah. Peter: Not above St Zotique. Philip: But St Zotique is north. Peter:Yeah. Above St Zotique. Philip: You mean going north?....No. No more. Peter: Were all those cross streets commercial? Philip: You know, Abe Weiss looked on St Zotique and it was not commercial. The stores would be on the corner,.

Lorna Kutzin Clamen tells about the Kligman family "My grandparents MEYER AND ETHEL KLIGMAN lived on Papineau St. and had a store called Crown Five to One Dollar Store (6424 Papineau) for many years. They lived at 6422 Papineau above the store. MEYER DIED IN 1944 but my grandmother ran it for many years after his death. Meyer and Ethel had 4 daughters (Rose, Lily who married Leo Lutsky, the pharmacist on Papineau St., Esther and Bella). Meyer had a brother who lived on Marquette Street - Harry and Fanny Kligman."
Kligman family lineage
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