1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment: Pinsky)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (Summer 2007) Note: audio is ON Peter: Now, there was Lily Glassman, but there was another Glassman. Philip: Issie Glassman. Peter: On Papineau? Philip: We lived at 6609 Papineau, he lived at the house next door to us. He's the one that had to pass that our place to get out or get in. Peter: What was the story there? Was he the kid your age? Philip: He was exactly my age. He and I both were brought to school the first day together, Amherst school our first day together. Philip: He was in the navy during the war Shirley: Didn't you jump out the window. Philip: We jumped out of the window. Peter: The two of you. Philip: Yeah. Peter: From school? Philip: Yeah. Peter: How old were you? Philip: Five. Peter: Didn't want to be there? Philip: No. Peter: Is this the kid who sometimes you let him go by and sometimes you didn't. Philip: Yeah (laughter) Peter, Shirley: (laughter) Peter: Did he have any brothers or sisters? Philip: No. Oh, I think he had a sister. I don't remember much about her but he had a sister. Peter: What did his dad do? Philip: I never knew his dad. I knew his mother, and her name was Goldie. And he was like an orphan. His dad had died or something. And then, his mother married married Mr Feldstein after. His mother was the sister of Mr Glassman who married Mrs Sorkin after, when Mr Sorkin died. Peter: Lot of connections there. Philip: Yeah. Peter: Pinsky. Philip: Pinsky on Papineau, right beside Singerman's. I remember a good-looking guy with wavy hair, has a son. I don't remember anyone else in that family. I believe that they were also in the meat business.

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