There were two Davis families, possibly both on Papineau. The children in this family were Mortimer, Toby and Moishe. Philip remembers Toby as a "fine-looking girl", with books under her arm, walking quickly. She became an artist. Philip remembers them living between Beaubien and Bellechasse. From Lou Davis, December 2008: They all still live in Montreal. Toby was like a sister to my dad being a few months older than him but he was her uncle because her father Israel (my dad's eldest sibling) was 31 years older than my dad. Rob is one of four sons of Moishe and Celia. Rob still lives in Montreal. Alex is the son of Joe Davis, another of my dad's older brothers. Toby (now Steinhouse) is not merely a painter but an internationally famous artist with paintings in many museums. Her late husband Herb was a famous journalist, most recently for his internationally published piece on their friend Shindler, originally written circa 1945, later made famous by book and movie.
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