Montreal's Jewish Neighbourhood of Papineau



  1. Which Chernofsky family this is
  2. Cynthia Chernofsky Bagel tells about the family
  3. Chernofsky family lineage through three generations

Which Chernofsky family this is Three Chernofsky brothers emigrated from Kiev and settled in Papineau. The family described here is that of Rachel Ginsberg Chernofsky and Louis Chernofsky.
Cynthia Chernofsky Bagel tells about the family (July 2008) "Good Evening Peter, My mother Sadie Chernofsky Bagel, parents, siblings and loads of cousin lived in Papineau. My grandmother was a demolisher and built her two homes on Marguette and on Papineau (6739/41) Both homes were between St Zotique and Beaubien. My grandmother was responsible for demolishing the Red Path Mansion ( Sugar Refinery) and donated the doors and pews to the Red Shul .My late Mom kept a picture taken from the Montreal Herald who photographed her and her parents at the sight. I would be more than happy to share with you and some more stories that were told to me as a child and adult. With regards about my grandmother she was very industrious and worked like a man. She came from Romania when she was a teen and met my grandfather in the early 1900's (Not 100% of the dates. Some where between 1905 -1909.) My grandfather was a glazer as was Hershel and did not have a lot of work. They had 8 mouths to feed. My mother would often tell me how hard she worked, and was never scared to try new things. I believe she had a company called Montreal Demolishing . With her knowledge English and French she directed the men at the construction site. She was a worker and did anything to help support the family. I have several pictures of my grandparents and my aunts and uncles at a very young age in front of their home at 6627 Marquette and at 6739/41 Papineau. My grandmothers house was the central location for all the Chernofsky clan to get together. I remember visiting frequently and going to the park which was nearby. Mother went to Centennial Elemetary and Baron Byng High School. My mother Sadie left Papineau in March 1948 however my Uncle and grandmother remained there for many years aftterwards. The Chernofsky's were roofers, glazer and scrap yards. I have very fond memories visiting Papineau. My grandparents home was sold about 7 1/2 years ago and I often was in Papineau. I am still in touch with a few people who also lived in Papineau - The Creatchman and Kligman families."
Chernofsky family lineage
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