Montreal's Jewish Neighbourhood of Papineau



  1. Which Chernofsky family this is
  2. Lillian (Goldberg) Silverstone tells about the Chernofsky family
  3. Hershel Chernofsky tells about his grandfather
  4. Chernofsky family lineage through three generations

Which Chernofsky family this is Three Chernofsky brothers emigrated from Kiev and settled in Papineau. The family described here is that of Hershel and Hesha Chernofsky.
Lillian (Goldberg) Silverstone tells about the Chernofsky family (July, 2008) "I lived at 6551 Bordeaux St. until 10 years old , then moved to east end of Montreal (Laval St.). I attended Amherst school and then to Earl Grey School and then on to Bancroft School. High School and University. My Grandparents were Hershel & Hesha Chernofsky and lived at 6537 Marquette St. between Beaubien and St. Zotique. They had 4 daughters Rosie, Dinah (my Mom) Sarah & Ruth and 3 sons, Hymie, Louie and George. The only survivor of this family is uncle Louie who is 92yrs and is presently living at the Montifore Residence in Cote St. Luc. My Grandparents were members of the White Shul, in fact my Grandmother was Secretary-Treasurer, one of the few who were able to read and write as told to me by my Mom. Actually there were 3 Chernofsky Families, my Grandparents on Marquette and the other 2 on Papineau St. All 3 Chernofsky families were related, brothers to my Grandfather. Many of the family names are very familiar to me even though I left Papineau at an early age. Being the eldest grandchild and the only one with any knowledge of Papineau, heard these stories retold many times." "The three Chernovsky families in Papineau are related, brothers of my grandfather."
2008, Hershel Chernofsky tells about his grandfather (August 2008) "I am named after my dad's father Harry(Herschel) Chernofsky who came from Minsk in 1905. He was a roofer and built his house at 6537 Marquette St."
Chernofsky family lineage
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