Montreal's Jewish Neighbourhood of Papineau



  1. Which Chernofsky family this is
  2. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections
  3. Cynthia Chernofsky Bagel tells about the family
  4. Chernofsky family lineage through three generations

Which Chernofsky family this is Three Chernofsky brothers emigrated from Kiev and settled in Papineau. The family described here is that of Lazer Chernofsky.
Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (July 2007) Chernofsky was a roofer. And all I remember is that the son wasn't a guy who rushed, and was doing the roofing with his father, and we used to call him Sparky.
Cynthia Chernofsky Bagel: tells about the family "The roofer was Sam Chernofsky he passed many years ago. Sam was my Mom's first cousin. He had a sister Dinah Chernofsky Saxe and Rose Chernofsky Singer. I am very close and in touch with the children of Sam and Diana. Sam's father was Lazer Chernofsky and he had 2 brothers and 2 Sisters. Lazer lived on Papineau near my grandparents Rachel and Louis Chernofsky ( 6739/41 Papineau ) and the other brother Hershel ( Louis Chernofsky Dad ) lived nearby. Coincidentally, Sam's both Sons (Lee and Martin ) followed in their Dad's footsteps. They both have roofing companies in Montreal. His daughter Janice is also in Montreal."
Chernofsky family lineage
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