1. Philip Teitelbaum's recollections
  2. Dave Kunigis tells about the family

Philip Teitelbaum's recollections - 2007 There were two daughters, Madelaine and Margaret. Madelaine was a very pretty girl. When I was in the Air Force in Winnipeg, I rented a room. In the room next to mine, there was a guy named Dave Kunigis, also in the Air Force living there. On his night table was a picture. I said - "That's Margaret!" I didn't know Dave from before. But a few months ago, Fuzzy was giving a talk in Montreal and someone came up to her and asked (because of the name Teitelbaum) if she was related to me. That was Dave. I don't think Dave married that girl. The father worked for the CPR or CNR. They lived on Cartier.
Dave Kunigis tells about the family Dave Kunigis got in touch with me July 17, 2008 and wrote the following: "Margaret's family name was Bizzaro. She had a sister named Cecille, a younger brother named Nick and a much younger sister, whose name I can't remember. Her father was a tile setter ? There was no mother, either she had died or left the family."
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