1. Stanley Asher tells about the Papineau side of his family
  2. Asher family lineage through three generations

Stanley Asher tells about the Papineau side of his family - July 24, 2008 Stanley Asher was not a Papineau resident, nor was his father, Harry. Harry's brother, considerably older, was. He was Philip Asher, married to Esther, and they lived on Marquette Street, likely 5791. They had three children - Dora, Miriam and Dave. Philip worked at the Angus shop of the railway. Esther emigrated to Israel around 1948. Dave moved to Florida and was unfortunately killed in a car accident in the 1950's or 60's. Dora suffered from illness for much of her life. Philip and Harry had a brother, Naftali, whose nickname was Hertzke, apparently taken in honour of the maternal side of the family Hertz. I think Stanley told me this was the family of Heinrich Hertz, whose name lives on in the naming of radio frequencies. Stanley's paternal grandfather, known as Zaide Moishe, lived with Philip for a while when he was older. The family originated in Piorikov Tribunalski near Lodz in Poland. Philip apparently did not attend either the Red or White shul, but was active in another on Jean Talon and St Urbain. (See Poale Zedek and scroll down.) He apparently moved to Park Extension, closer to that shul. Philip and Esther emigrated to Israel toward the end of their life.
Asher family lineage
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