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Amherst School and Park

Audio is ON Philip: Well Amherst school had only 3 grades. 1st grade 2nd grade, 3rd grade. It was a green painted wooden structure. My first teacher was Miss Maliss. Peter: Who I think you liked? Philip: Very very much. She was a Jewish teacher. The second, now, in school they had one one one two, two one, two two, three one three two. For three years. The principalís name was Miss Stewart. She was older than any of the other teachers and she always wore a black and white, like, Laura Secord thing. I think in grade two it was Miss Davis. Grade one Miss Maliss, grade two Miss Davis, grade three Miss Stewart, the principal. And then, ah, Amherst Park was there and thatís where all the, a lot of the activities took place. Baseball, softball. Thatís where we would go to see the Cougars and the Sepoys play. Thatís where the older guys would throw umÖ football, football. One incident I do remember was Leo Leibovitch who lived on Papineau street was older and working already and so on. They were playing baseball these older guys and there was this Anne Nairn girl where the ball was coming right to her face and he was not far away and he went there and he just stopped that. UmÖ It was a very very green grass, very very nice place. Also ice rink that the city would put up for, in the winter. And this is where we used to go actually with our skates to skate. Peter: They didnít actually have organized leagues and teamsópeople just went and played? Philip: Just went and played. Um, Iím saying that but Iím not sure. Others may have had leagues. I have a feeling that they did. Lovely lovely place like, the the grounds were so big, like from from St. Zotique to Jean Talonóall park... beautiful green. Except for the green of that school that public school that grade three school. It was very very, thatís the place that my aunt Perl bought probably my first present for me, a beautiful wine colored sweater and I went there and I came home without it and lost it. And um, I did mark Amherst park, large park, school. Peter: I wonder if itís still there. Philip: I wonder. I would doubt itÖ Now thatís Cartier street. The grades were called "1-1", "1-2", etc. I think the school went only to grade three. Miss Clark taught grade two, and the principal, Miss Stewart had grade three. She always wore black and white. She was older than the other teachers. In grade two, I think it was Miss Davis. Amherst School was on Cartier. The school was wooden, painted green and white. Amherst Park - all the activities took place there. Baseball, softball. The older guys threw footballs. One incident, Ann Nairn was standing with the ball coming right to her face at a ball game. Leo Leibovitch ran over and stopped the ball. Green grass, a huge park from St Zotique to Jean Talon, all park. A lovely place

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