1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also in this segment: Bick, Stein, Diamond)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (July 2007) Audio is ON Philip: Bick, I think that they lived either at the north end of Papineau or one of those other streets, Garnier or something. But the guy's name was Stanley Bick. Nice guy. About Issie's age. Now...OK...on Papineau south going from Beaubien going south Bellechasee and Rosemount, on the west side. Acomsky, he had a 15 cent store. I think Leo Lutsky married their daughter. [Pearl Nebach Maritzer told me August, 2008 that the store was on Papineau and Beaubien, across from her father's hardware store, that Bessie Acomsky ran it, and had two sisters who she thinks were possibly named Mary and Rose.] Stein next. Mr Stein owned the mortgage on the house that Mr Diamond built, that eventually my father bought, that Moe Sorkin said "It's a white elephant". Mr. Stein owned that. When my father bought it, there was a little bit of a...some bad feeling going on because they felt that Mr Diamond had lost it, Stein I know had the mortgage So they went to Mr Nebach who was the arbitrator, and my father paid a certain amount of money to Mr Diamond. Good will, compensation. 6299 Marquette Street. And it's no longer there, but the way. And it was beautiful place. And that's the one where Mr Trub used to keep his skins downstairs. The Trubs lived there at one time. At one time, Jack Diamond, the son of the original Mr Diamond, who owned the bakery shop, Jack and his wife Fanny lived there too. Fanny Diamond.... Shirley: Who wants coffee, who wants Coke, who wants what? Peter: I'm good, Ma. Shirley: Coke? Nothing for Philip? Philip: I'll have coffee. Fanny Diamond, used to, in order to earn extra money, she had delivered to her house, like little cartons and they were all cut out to be folded and they were for cheese. They would put the cheese in them. So, my mother would send me in there to sit at her kitchen table and fold these things for her. My mother was like a mother to her. Stein, Diamond - after Stein was the Diamond Bakery. The Diamond Bakery, because we lived behind the Diamond Bakery at 6299 - when we wanted to take a bath, my father would go down to the bakery, take pails of boiling hot water, bring them, go upstairs with them, pour them and that's where we got the hot water.

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