1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also in this segment: Brittain)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (July 2007) Note: audio is ON Philip: Um, so I did Wise, then there was a family by the name of, I think the name was Aaronson, Bernard Aaronson Peter: Like Aaronson? Philip: Yeah, they used to call him Bebe. It was Bernard Aaronson. I donít know anything about his family. And then there was a large lot with building material on it. Large large lot with this building material. And then there was Brittain, he was a furniture polisher. I donít know much about him either. And then there was St Zotique street. And after St. Zotique street there was Amherst school. Thatís the school that I went to. Added later: Bernard Aaronson's group of friends included Nathan Korzenstein and one of the Steins.
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