See Bindman family for more details.
Eddie Bindman wrote - December 2008: My name is Edward Bindman- I was born on Marquette above St. Zotique (April 27, 1923). My mother and my Zaida (SHIP) had a house on Cartier opposite the white shul. I rember that the house did not have bricks, but brown and white tiles.
Shirley Kuchinsky wrote - January 2009: By the way, my grandmother was a "Ship" and was one of 8 siblings. I have since learned that my great-aunt, Rachel Ship lived on Cartier. Rachel married Morris Stevens. They had 2 children (both deceased) 1.Sam married Ruth Stein 2.Mary (unmarried) I am not too sure of how many lived in Papineau, however I believe that her late brother Nathan lived there. I really enjoyed your website, and hopefully there will be more information added when other people find out about it.
Ship family lineage
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