1. Shirley (Grief) Kuchinsky's recollections - Jan 2009
  2. Bindman family lineage through three generations
I have just learned about "Jewish Papineau" and would like to add some information. My late mother, Ida Grief (nee Bindman) lived in Papineau, and I can always recall stories that she used to tell us about her growing up in Papineau. Two of my uncles are still living, and both lived in Papineau. Saul Bindman, who will be 90 years "young" in May (B.H.) and Eddie Bindman who is 85. (B.H) Both of these uncles were born on Marquette St. I am sure that both of them have stories to tell. I believe my late uncle Carl Bindman, and my late aunt Sylvia Bindman Margolese also lived in Papineau. My late grandmother was Toba Bindman, who was the founder of the famous Bindman Caterers in Montreal in the 40's, 50's and 60's. A very close friend of my grandmother was Libby Goldstein who had a grocery store in Papineau. I do not know the year that my late grandparents (Toba and Moses Bindman) came to Montreal, however my mother Ida was born in Montreal in 1908. By the way, my grandmother was a "Ship" and was one of 8 siblings. I am not too sure of how many lived in Papineau, however I believe that her late brother Nathan lived there. I really enjoyed your website, and hopefully there will be more information added when other people find out about it.
Bindman family lineage
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