Audio is ON Peter: Ok so we were talking about.. Philip: We were talking about Selick. Peter: And now... Philip: And now next to the Selicks was a family called Wolofsky. Peter: There was a Wolofsky in Ottawa… Rose? Philip: Oh that’s right. Peter: Anyway... Philip: Now the daughters name was Bookie. B.o.o.k.i.e. Bookie Wolofsky. She was pretty well about our age and um her mother and there’s never a father, I’ve never seen a father there. And the reason I would have seen a father was because Mrs. Wolofsky, Bookie’s mother rented out a room where she or the Hebrew teacher Mr. Charness put a desk and the seats for the desk, so after school, Mr. Charness, lovely lovely teacher, looked a little bit like King George with a little beard. He rented the space there, that room and this is where possibly we were about seven or eight kids who went after school to Mrs. Wolofsky’s house and and uh Mr. Charness taught us our Hebrew. Peter: So it was like a little cheder. Philip: It was like a little room, a little cheder, it was very very nice, very clean. The desks were, well, you could put stuff in there. It was a very very nice place so… Peter: You would have known if there was a.... Philip: I would have known if there was a father around. Mr. Charness, the one that was the teacher, I remember my mother always saying Mr. Charness "hat a zin" a lawyer. This is ah, extraordinary, for a man at that time who’s son was already a law, a lawyer. Graduate lawyer. That was big stuff you know. That’s the Wolofsky home.

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