Audio is ON Peter: So the Wise’s where next door to the Ettinger’s. Philip: The Wise’s where next door to the Ettinger’s. They were Izzy’s friends. There was Moishe Wise. There was Bebbie Wise. There was Harry Wise. Harry was older than Izzy. Harry and Alec Wise. And those sons, Alec and Harry had stores on St. Hubert street. Um. Very successful. On one day, on a Sunday, Harry Wise went fishing and drowned. I remember that. Bebbie Wise was um… "Why do all the girls love me?", you know what I mean. He was bald, like his father, very bald. The father was a blacksmith. With his blacksmith equipment, and he was doing his blacksmith right in the home. He would just like drive in there. I’m wondering if, I can’t remember if I saw like horses being shoed, so much so that I remember like, I always wondered about something. They would put these long nails into the hoof of the horse and I never could understand this. Peter: How they could be so long? Philip: That a long nail could be hammered into a horses foot. Peter: My guess is that the bottom of that horse's foot is this thick and is nothing but callus, which is not alive anyway, so that you don’t feel it. Philip: And I remember them having a raspy file… Peter: Yeah, I’m sure that’s it because those horses have to have a lot of thick stuff under there on the bottom. And they’d get sick and get infections if it was going into… Philip: I guess so. I know that always used to, like, I used to wonder if the smell of the hot hot iron was put on that and you’d hear and actually see and smell… Peter: Burning flesh almost? Philip: Burning but burning something but it wasn’t flesh. I always sort of wondered what that was all about. Um… That’s the story about the Wise family.

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