1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment: Tilner, Chaikele, Nevitt)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Philip: He would use clippers to give you a haircut. Peter: This is Mr Tilner the barber. Philip: Tilner. Didn't have electric in that time, just these. Then he'd 'whoof". He'd practically blow you off the chair. Peter: He blew with his breath to blow the hair away? Philip: Yes. Peter: (Laughter) Philip: And, he used to go into the kitchen to have a bite every now and then. So if it was onions, he'd blow the onions.... Peter: Oy Philip: That was Mr Tilner. And then there was a family by the name of Weinstein and there was a son but I can't remember his name, but I don't know too much about them. And then there was Chaikele, that's a first name. I can't remember her last name. I know she had one daughter. And she used to bring shoes to people's homes for them to try on and she'd sell them shoes. She knew or she heard who would need a pair of shoes. She'd get them at the factory. She'd come...she was an old thin little lady. She'd come and sell shoes. Next was Sammy Nevitt. Sammy had the thinnest hockey blade in the history of hockey. Peter: From overuse? Philip: From overuse. This is a fact, actually. Next was Letovsky.
The following was sent in by Leonard Kantor, July 16, 2008: "I believe the mother in law, Faiga, was my grandmother's sister. My grandmother was a Wooden prior to her marriage. As a very young child I was led by the hand by my parents to visit with Auntie Faiga and Uncle Sjamah almost every Sunday. The entire Weinstein family would visit every Sunday afternoon. Auntie Faiga would serve tea, cookies and there would always be several "gebacked munn" cakes, apple cakes, etc. This occured back in the forties. If I remember right Uncle Sjamah was the shamus from the red shul. Every afternoon uncle would leave to open or close the shul, but seldom did he call upon the family to make a minyan."
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