1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment: Glassman (Lily),Patofsky)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Peter: OK, we're talking about the Singermans. Philip: The oldest son was Irving, and the second son was Hymie, and the third son was David. They got into....they were in business together. The funny one I remember...about Hymie Singerman. He used to kind of talk...with his throat and he used to be teased because I know the guys they would say "Rrrumble, rrrumble goes the trrain, and away goes Minnie." Peter: (laughter) Philip: That was Hymie. Peter: Anything else about the Singermans? Philip: No, that's all. Peter: Patofsky and Glassman. Philip: Patofsky was the tailor, and I would say the man who most kept to himself. You just didn't know anything about him. And Glassman, there was Lily Glassman and she is the one that was at a hockey game and a puck hit her. She had to have a lot of dental surgery. Peter: There were two Glassman families Philip: Yeah. Peter: Anything else about Glassman? Philip: No, that's the only thing right now.
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