1. Philip Teitelbaum's recollections of the family (Also Strohl, Glazer)
  2. Schwartz family lineage through three generations

Philip Teitelbaum's recollections of the family (Also Strohl, Glazer) Philip: Just one guy, I donít even remember his name but his first name was Darby. D.a.r.b.y. [Strohl]. Jewish man next door going north. First name, I donít remember his last name. Then there was a family by the name of Glazer. Mrs. Glazer had more children, she had so many children, a tremendous amount of children. There was David. I remember him as very fair haired... Kind of reddish haired, curly hair. He had a brother Abie who had a club foot. I know Abey did very will in uhÖ Iím not sure if it was office supplies or something. He did very well. Sarah was a sister also. And Bella, there was another sister Bella. Anyway there were about 11 or 12 children and I donít remember the names of all of them. I remember the father and the mother, I can see them. Next to them was Schwartz. Teddy Schwartz and Ruby Schwartz. Teddy was a good friend. Ruby was working and was an excellent softball player. And we used to go down to Amherst park, thatís where Amherst school is. He used to play for the Cougars and they had a sweater with stripes going this way and on the back was marked Cougars, and they used to play against a team called Sepoys. Those sweaters were blue and yellow and marked Sepoy. Sepoy I think is an Indian name. UmÖ Schwartz. Next to the Schwartz was the Wise family. They lived on Cartier. Philip remembers that Teddy Schwartz's nickname was "Spyowks".
Schwartz family lineage
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