1. Philip Teitelbaum's recollections (Also in this segment: Glassman (Issie))
  2. Murray Pinsky tells about the family
  3. Irwin Pinsky tells about the family
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  5. Pinsky family lineage

Philip Teitelbaum's recollections (Also in this segment: Glassman (Issie)) Audio is ON Peter: Now, there was Lily Glassman, but there was another Glassman. Philip: Issie Glassman. Peter: On Papineau? Philip: We lived at 6609 Papineau, he lived at the house next door to us. He's the one that had to pass that our place to get out or get in. Peter: What was the story there? Was he the kid your age? Philip: He was exactly my age. He and I both were brought to school the first day together, Amherst school our first day together. Philip: He was in the navy during the war Shirley: Didn't you jump out the window. Philip: We jumped out of the window. Peter: The two of you. Philip: Yeah. Peter: From school? Philip: Yeah. Peter: How old were you? Philip: Five. Peter: Didn't want to be there? Philip: No. Peter: Is this the kid who sometimes you let him go by and sometimes you didn't. Philip: Yeah (laughter) Peter, Shirley: (laughter) Peter: Did he have any brothers or sisters? Philip: No. Oh, I think he had a sister. I don't remember much about her but he had a sister. Peter: What did his dad do? Philip: I never knew his dad. I knew his mother, and her name was Goldie. And he was like an orphan. His dad had died or something. And then, his mother married married Mr Feldstein after. His mother was the sister of Mr Glassman who married Mrs Sorkin after, when Mr Sorkin died. Peter: Lot of connections there. Philip: Yeah. Peter: Pinsky. Philip: Pinsky on Papineau, right beside Singerman's. I remember a good-looking guy with wavy hair, has a son. I don't remember anyone else in that family. I believe that they were also in the meat business.
Murray Pinsky tells about the family The following was sent in by Murray Pinsky, July 18, 2008: "I was thrilled to see that someone has finally taken the lead to insure that this part of Jewish Montrealís history is preserved. I am Murray Pinsky, my father was Sam, the son of David and Etta Pinsky (butchers of course). Mu uncles were Louis and Philip and my aunt is Florence. The only remaining sibling is Florence. It would be an honour to help you to gather any information that would help you. Incidentally, you might find a considerable amount of information at the TBDJ synagogue on Bailey. It is the merger, but honestly not sure of which of the Papineau synagogues. Our family were in the original march when the building was dedicated as part of the Papineau contingency."
Irwin Pinsky tells about the family The following was sent to me by Irwin Pinsky, July 22, 2008: "My name is Irwin Pinsky. I am Murray's brother, so all the things that he told you apply to me as well. Is was thrilled to see your website. I found it both informative and comforting. Murray and I have an aunt Florence Gilman (nee Pinsky). She was our father's sister. She is in her mid nineties now, but she could identify everyone in your pictures, and perhaps give you a few more insights. All my life whenever I met someone named Pinsky, Letovsky, or was just from old time Montreal, I have asked her my relation to them. She would always come up with "that's your aunt whatever's second cousin", or something to that effect. Here is one example. I once asked her why I was related to all the Letovskys. She told me that the Letovskys are really Pinskys. They changed their name back in the czarist Russia. When I pursued it further, she told me that young men were drafted into the Russian army from age eighteen (or younger) until they were forty. When the conscription official arrived, and was looking for Jews named Pinsky, they were told that they were mistaken. "Our name is Letovsky". [This was clarified for me by Abe Letovsky. The conscription officers usually did not insist on drafting from families where there was only one son. Three Letovsky sons therefore each took a different name: Letovsky, Pinsky and Malinsky (later Malin). Thus the Papineau families descended from these men are really all Letovskys.] I have at home, slate photos of Florence as a teen ager (taken in the twenties),as well as other photos of my family taken in Montreal's east end. Florence is probably one of the very few living links to Jewish Papineau in the 1920's."
Photo of the Papineau butchers - see Letovsky family

Pinsky family lineage

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