1. Shirley Olishansky's telephoned submission

Shirley Olishansky's telephone conversation By phone, Shirley Olishansky told me about the family. The immigrant parents were Miriam and Louis Olishansky. The came from Russia. The children were Hilda, Issie, Goldie, Harry and Lea. Lea died at age 15. They lived on Marquette Street. Louis died at a young age. Hilda married a Frank Korzenstein, also a Papineau family. Goldie also married locally. Her husband was Harry Richler, "of the 16-children Richler family". Shirley's father, Harry, was always very close with Hymie Denburg, who became rabbi of the synagogue that Harry helped to found. Harry was the gabbai for many years. They stayed friends all their life, and are buried across from each other. I am planning to interview Shirley, and will make a family page once I have more information. There is a picture of a Mr and Mrs Olishansky at the wedding of Eva Lang and William Kowarsky.
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