Audio is ON Philip: Let's do Papineau. The east side on Papineau, from Beaubien going towards St Zotique. Nebach. He had a hardware store. His daughter's name was was Pearly. I remember her as a very good student. Mr Nebach acted as the arbitrator whenever there was something to be settled among the Papineau people. He was known for his fairness and for his wiseness. They would always call on him. Next to Nebach was Tilner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following was sent in on July 22 and 25, 2008 by Adele Balinsky: Your browser does not seem able to show this photo. Yetta Katcher Nebach Your browser does not seem able to show this photo. Israel Nebach "My grandparents were Israel and Yetta Nebach who lived on Papineau. My mother is also one of their daughters, Molly Nebach (Zavalkoff) . She was beautiful and brilliant and very proud of being a Nebach. My grandparents had a cow in the backyard and bathed my mother in cow's milk. My mom graduated from McGill in 1935. Pearl Maritzer is her younger sister. I remember going to my grandparents store in the 50s when it was an electrical appliance store. People would watch the hockey games through the store window. Grandpa died in 1958 from Parkinson's disease. Grandma died in 1962. She was an outstanding, giving woman." Your browser does not seem able to show this photo. Molly Nebach on Papineau in the 1930's ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following was sent in on July 18 and 29, 2008 by Pearl Nebach Maritzer: "My parents --Israel and Yetta Nebach -- had a hardware store on Papineau corner Beaubien from approximately 1914 to the mid l940s. I remember the Teitelbaum family. My sister Molly graduated McGill in 1935. She studied economics with Stephen Leacock. I also went to Earl Grey but i went via Beaubien & not thru the quarry like your father." Pearl has sent me a lot of information on various Papineau people, most of it has been included on the website. She also wrote: "Mr Tilner, the barber. cut my hair Buster Brown style. He had a dog and he spoke Yiddish to the dog. I couldnt believe as a kid that there was a Jewish dog. After school I went to Fleishers for a double header ice cream cone for FIVE CENTS." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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