Mac Lifshitz told me about his family on July 24, 2008. His father was Eli Lifshitz, his mother's name was Rachel. Eli was a rabbi, and came from Russia in 1914. His wife waited there with 3 children, pregnant with Mac. About 8 years later, Rachel and the children came over, and lived in Papineau for five years. He could not get work as a rabbi, but taught kids, preparing them for their Bar Mitzvahs. They ran a stationery store across the street from the Letofsky butcher shop, at 6592 Papineau, between Beaubien and St Zotique. It was a place where a lot of locals liked to hang out. The family was a member of the White Shul. Mac named the following families, which I believed he said were White Shul members: Aaronson, Ship, Fishman, Sambad, Kerner, Stevens, Kligman, and Rimer. He told me that Jack Kligman was still living. Return to home page.