1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment, Klaiman) (July 2007)
  2. Roz Friend - about the Levine family
  3. Fran Pellatt - about the Levine family
  4. Photos
  5. Lillian Goldberg Silverstone - about the Levine family
  6. Levine family lineage through three generations

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment, Klaiman) (July 2007) Audio is ON Peter: Ok, so… again tell me about Levine. Philip: Levine was a plumber on Marquette street between Beaubien and St. Zotique. I remember the daughter was very attractive, walking up and down Marquette street. Peter: What was her name? Philip: Sema. Peter: So who did you know there? Philip: Sema. Peter: That’s the person you knew? Philip: Yeah. Peter: So on Marquette I’ve got Herman, Kaufman, Levine, cheder. Anybody else? Philip: Ok, Marquette and Garnier. Klaiman. And um… Harry Klaiman and Solly Klaiman were the two sons of the father who had a scrapyard—junkyard. Peter: Would you spell it—Clayman? Philip: I’m not sure it’s with a K-L….
Roz Friend - about the Levine family (April 2008) On June 5, 2008 I spoke to a group of residents of Maimonides in Cote St Luc, thanks to arrangements made by Roz Friend. As it turned out, the people with the closest Papineau connection were Roz herself, and her sister Fran who was also there. The Levines are their family. "I remember hearing lots of stories about the neighbourhood and its 'people' but no first hand knowledge or experience. I have a few cousins who are about 25 years older than me (in their 70's and 80's). My mother's family lived on Marquette Street. My mother, born in 1908 was the first of her sisblings to be born in Canada. She had 3 older brothers, 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. Levine Brothers Plumbing started in the shed of that house on Marquette Street as a Blacksmith shop by my grandfather Issac Levine and then my 2 uncles Arthur and Jack took it over and converted it to plumbing. Levine Brothers Plumbing and Heating still exists. It is run by my 2 cousins, Elliot and Neal Levine (Jack's sons) and is still on DuBullion Street." Fran Pellat - about the Levine family Summer 2008 Fran Pellatt sent me two excellent photographs and gave permission to reproduce them here. She writes: "Attached is a photo of my maternal grandparents who lived on Marquette Street. They are Esther and Isaac Levine and are pictured standing in the field behind their house, where they used to grow vegetables. I think the shack you see in the background is where Isaac worked as a blacksmith. The other picture is of all my maternal uncles and their wives and my aunt and her husband and my mother and father: left to right - Doris & Sam Levine, Mary & Charles Goodman (my parents), Leah & Arthur Levine, Ida & Hymie Levine, Shirley & Jack Levine, Sema & Peter Bennett. Arthur and Jack started Levine Bros. Plumbing and Jack's 2 sons Elliot and Neil run it today."

Lillian Goldberg Silverstone - about the Levine family Summer 2008 "When My Mother-in-law who was single at the time arrived in Canada around 1925 was placed by the Jewish Community with the Levine's (Issac & Malka) on Marquette St. She must have lived with them for about 1 1/2 years and worked for Simon Cigars while living there. Her name was Leah Spivak. She was introduced to my Father-in-law and married him around late 1926. I must say she always spoke very highly of the Levine Family of Marquette St. Isn't it a small world?"
Levine family lineage

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