1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment: Levine)

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections Note: audio is ON Peter: Ok, so… again tell me about Levine. Philip: Levine was a plumber on Marquette street between Beaubien and St. Zotique. I remember the daughter was very attractive, walking up and down Marquette street. Peter: What was her name? Philip: Sima. Peter: So who did you know there? Philip: Sima. Peter: That’s the person you knew? Philip: Yeah. Peter: So on Marquette I’ve got Herman, Kaufman, Levine, cheder. Anybody else? Philip: Ok, Marquette and Garnier. Klaiman. And um… Harry Klaiman and Solly Klaiman were the two sons of the father who had a scrapyard—junkyard. Peter: Would you spell it—Clayman? Philip: I’m not sure it’s with a K-L…. [I was told there was also a daughter, Jeannie.]
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