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On July 23, Perry Guralnick wrote: "My name is Perry Guralnick. My father's name was Jack. My mother's name was Bessie Letovsky whom i am sure your father rembers I lived at 6598 Cartier Street and moved out in 1952. I had my bar mitzva in the red schul."
I spoke to Perry later in the month. His father worked with the Letovsky's. His maternal grandparents, ie Bessie's parents, were Moishe and Sheindl Letovsky. They were the immigrant generation, first going to Perth Andover, New Brunswick where they were cattle traders. His paternal grandparents were Rachel and Moishe Guralnick, who had come from Bessarabia. They were members of the White Shul. I also was told that Jack Guralnick's sister Beatrice married Abe Letofsky. That being the so, this is a case of a Guralnick brother and sister marrying a Letovsky sister and brother. In the second Papineau generation. Bessie may have been known as "Boony" (?).
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