1. Arthur Goldstein tells about the family

Arthur Goldstein tells about the family (July 2008) "I listened to Miriam's tape. Her father was my grandmother's brother. My grandfather and my father lived at 6969 Marquette. I can remember the Sunday visits circa 1935-1938. My grandfather, Louis Goldstein, Libby sister of Harry Rimer (Miriam's father) all lived in the house at 6969 Marquette. Shaya was religious and would not work on Shabbot. He would leave work early Friday afternoon. The goyem could not understand. he met with the president of the CNR who allowed him to leave work before Shabbot. This did not last long as he had an accident and he left with a disability pension. My grandmother Libby opened a small grocery store on the corner of St Zotique and Cartier. All her friends and neighbours became customers. She extended credit to all and she went bankrupt. My memories of that house are very vague but I remember the backyard they grew tomatoes and tall stalks of sweet corn. Shaya - my son Steven, is named after him - made me a small green stool which he placed in front of him so he could talk to me. PS - He spoke only Yiddish."
My late grandmother was Toba Bindman, who was the founder of the famous Bindman Caterers in Montreal in the 40's, 50's and 60's. A very close friend of my grandmother was Libby Goldstein who had a grocery store in Papineau. From Fran Moss - January 2009 All of this is so fascinating! Did you know that Libba Goldstein is the grandmother of Yoine Goldstein, the Senator and lawyer whom Fred and I have known for many years. I always remember her with her beautiful long grey hair tied up very neatly in a bun on top of her head. She would come to visit every Sat. afternoon for tea and Kichlach! From Shirley Kuchinsky - January 2009 Irving and I were in the same class in Grade 3, and Yoine was in our class. Only at that time he was called Jonah, which I believe is his given name (in english) Another grandchild of Libba is Arthur Goldstein. I just met him last week. He is the same age as my brother Tully (80) and he says that he always used to get in trouble because of Tully when he was a teen-ager because his grandmother Libba would always say to him:-Why can't you be like Tuba"s grandchild and get out a get a job! Return to home page.