1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections
  2. Sandy Tobenstein tells about the family
  3. Dubrofsky family lineage through three generations

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (July 2007) Audio is ON Peter: Now, um, was there a Dubrofsky. Philip: Yeah. Peter: Okay. Anything…? Philip: I would say Dubrofsky was on Garnier. [Actually, on Fabre.] Peter: Yeah, that’s what you told me. Near the Steins? Philip: Near the Steins. And um, the father of them all, the name was Fulloch. Fulloch Dubrofsky. Peter: (To Shirley) Can you believe this? How many names of my friends’ fathers do you think I can remember? Any? Philip: And the Dubrofsky family ended up very very well off because one of the daughters married an American guy who was in the aluminum business and he introduced one of them, a Dubrofsky, Ruben, who became extremely wealthy in the aluminum business, and now there’s one David Dubrofsky who’s in Ottawa and actually owns a huge factory on Stevenage drive right beside…
Sandy Tobenstein tells about the family (July 2008) "How I wish my late mother, Mary Dubrofsky Unger, could be here to help me ... she would love this. Where were you nine years ago???? My late great uncle, Phillip Dubrofsky, was the one that owned land in Lantier, where I am now. His Jewish name was Phauluah (spelling??) and he was the one that owned City Lumber. He didn't want to sell any of the land to anyone, except my late grandfather, Chaim, his brother. Hence, the land I now have inherited from my late mother, who had it from her late parents is very special to me. I am across the highway from Camp Bnai Brith, hidden in the bushes. When my great uncle Phauluah died, his grown kids sold the land to Chassidim. But they too are hidden in the bushes and never use the lake. So, I feel I am still on very hidden property, thank goodness. When my late great uncle was alive, he had built 14 cottages on one side of the highway, and about another 10 on the lake, and rented them out. As soon as he died, well, that was it. He even named the lake I am on LAC PAPINEAU. However, the government is calling my area LANTIER, and the lake is called LAC ARPIN. However, in my head it is still Lac Long, and Lac Papineau, even though Lantier doesn't know what we are talking about.... I don't know the people you mentioned, but I am sure they are related, because I know my grandfather had family in Ottawa, plus Chatanooga. My late mother used to say how big the Dubrofsky family is. My grandfather had 3 brothers, Phaulah, Sam, Shaya, and a sister, Bluma Bloom. They all lived on Fabre, in Papineau. My grandfather, as I said before, owned horses, and then moved to 5338 Clarke Street (not the Westmount Clarke !!) In my late mother's family, she had 3 sisters, Fannie Dubrofsky Arick, Betty Dubrofsky Moss, Jean Dubrofsky Elman, and one brother Harry Dubrofsky - all dead. I will try to round up more info about them."
Dubrofsky family lineage

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