1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (Summer 2007) Note: audio is ON Peter: Denberg. Can you talk, sort of what happened, and little things about them here and there but not in one place. Philip: Well they lived on Fabre, F-a-b-r-e, between Beaubien and St. Zotique and Mr. Denburg was a milkman and my father’s first job when he came to Canada was a milkman. He was a milkman for a long time. My father came to Canada in 1925 or so. He lived at the Denburg’s house. He roomed there, so they were very good friends of my father. Hymie Denburg became the rabbi. And he had a brother by the name of Louie who was a little bit of a wilder one. And uh, Vreml. Vreml had a very very good singing voice and uh, I believe then ended up somewhere in New York, doing Hebrew singing. Peter: So, two out of the three, like, one was a rabbi and one was a Jewish singer. Philip: Yup Peter: And he was sort of a well known rabbi I think, eh? Philip: He’s the one, that married, I believe he married Bobby. Peter: And ah, what did Mr. Denburg do? Philip: He was a milkman. Peter: Oh he was a milkman, you said it. Philip: And they took their milk to the same place and delivered it. Mr.Denburg, the other thing I remember was that he had like a walrus moustache… Peter: Oh really? Philip: Know what I mean? Peter: Handle bar? Philip: Handle bar.

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