1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (Summer 2007) Note: audio is ON Peter: OK, we're talking then about Cohen....which Cohen is this? Philip: This is a Cohen that lived next door to us at 6609 Papineau. Peter: And his job was.... Philip: Well, he had a booming voice, sometimes I believe that he used to use it actually in the shul, in the Red Shul. The work he would do.....He had a horse and a wagon and he would go in the different....up and down the lanes. The chant that he did constantly "Shal de g'ni a vendre, Shal de g'ni a vendre". I knew shal, he meant "sal", dirty. G'ni...I kind of had a feeling it was rags or something like that. I just looked it up in the dictionary and it is rags, old rags. FOr sale. Peter: Really? Philip: So women would come out and they would sell him things, at other places he would just pick up things that were in the lane. I remember when we came back and we had a very good day, he would say "Teitelbaum, di bist a glicklicher". It means I was good luck for him. Peter: You weant with him? Philip: Yeah. Peter: Lots of time Phil: No not often. Peter: What did he do with these rags Philip: There was a place where he would sell them, and there was had to do with, people had these scrap yards. There's a place that they would buy rags and all kinds of stuff he would pick up in the lane. Peter: Did he have kids? Philip: He had two kids. The older kid, her name was Minnie Peter: Oh, is she the Minnie from the train, from the "rumble" Philip: No, not the Minnie from the "rumble", This Minnie had a bum leg and she could hardly walk and she was very fat. I remember that leg being in a cast a lot of the time. And they had a son. I think the son's name is Achiel but I'm not sure.
Pearl Nebach Maritzer tells me there was a Cohen named Dave who was a peddler and lived on Marquette. I heard too that he sung with his booming voice in the shul.

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