1. Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (also on this segment: Lightman, Leibovitch, Trehub.)
  2. Thelma Bogante tells about the family
  3. Boganitsky family lineage through three generations

Philip Teitelbaum's taped recollections (July 2007) Note: audio is ON Philip: Mr Boganitsky had a son who was a lawyer and - never in Papineau though .... downtown or somewhere, and his name was Bogan. He changed his name from Boganitsky to Bogan. Then there was Mr Lightman had a store, where he would sell bread and groceries and always stand outside and see the world go by. He always used to stand outside his store. Then there was Leibovitch. There was Meyer and Leo Leibovitch and an older brother, I don't remember his name. Meyer was my age. He used to hang around with us a little bit. Leo was Issie's age. Leo was an excellent softball player. He was the guy who stopped the ball that went to this girl... Zav Cohen another one, used to play for the Sepoys. He was older, working. He used to play at Amherst Park. Next to them was Trehub. Mr Trehub loved making speeches. Peter: To who, like? Philip: In the synagogue. He loved being up there, talking and talking and talking. he loved that. Trub also lived there. Willy and Mrs Trub. Peter: Is this THE Trub's? Philip: THE Trubs.
Thelma Bogante tells about the family (July 2008) "I read with interest your article in the Canadian Jewish News on the Jews on Papineau St. I went on the website and there was my father's family name Boganitsky. My grandfather was Moses. There is a correction needed here. The name was changed to Bogante, and indeed my Dad, Jack R. Bogante was a Lawyer and Founder President of the Jewish Hospital of Hope here in Montreal. His family owned a grocery store on Papineau and I know it was near St. Zotique. The Boganitsky [Bogante] family emigrated from Odessa Russia, and I still have the medical entry cards needed as they sailed from Antwerp. I found a letter dated 1927, which gave the address on Papineau as 3150 Papineau Wonderful to have these memories."
Boganitsky family lineage

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