1. Honnie Derai tells about her family

The following was sent in by Honnie Derai - July 21, 2008 "My grandmother had a grocery store at 6418 Papineau. My mother and her siblings were all born there. The family lived in the back and then my grandfather built an addition upstairs. I have some documents and photos but It will take me some time to find them. The family name is Belchikoff. Some are still living and I have two older cousins who probably remember more than me. We lived on Cartier and then on Papineau when I was young 1950-1960. I remember going to the schull even after we moved away." Thank you very much for undertaking this project. My mother who is in long term care sometimes sits with a "papineau girl" and myself and Sadie Fischman's daughter try to bring back memories of the old days. So I am always very sentimental about Papineau. The name of the Grocery was Papineau Provisions. My grandmother Bluma [Bella] ran it. My grandfather Michael Belchikoff worked for the C.P.R. He was a locksmith. They had eight children Nathan, Boris [Ben], Sam, Harry,. Celia, Fanny [Fay], Moishe, & Leah [Lillian]. Our main street by far was Papineau. All the Belchikoff children were born there at home- a midwife came to the house. I also recently had contact with the son of the man who gave the boys their bar--mitzfah lessons. His family name was Lifshitz. His son could tell me his first name . It's possible his grandson may have also contacted you."
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