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  1. Joan Dressler tells about the family
  2. Aronoff family lineage through three generations

The following was sent in by Joan Dressler, July 17, 2008 "My grandparents came from Russia at the beginning of 1900, first lived on Marquette and then moved to Papineau and remained there until 1980's. Isaac and Katya Aronoff had five children, Esther, Sadie, Nat, Issie and Moses. My father Moses (Moishe or Moe), the youngest, is now 90 years old, is in long-term care at Jewish Eldercare Centre. My grandparents owned a two storey building on Papineau, between Bellechasse and Beaubien. Their business was Sanitary Tavern, the family lived upstairs. The tavern still exists. Sunday dinners was a ritual and we all gathered every week and ate smoked meat, home-made sauerkraut, pickles, olives. My grandfather was a bookbinder by profession and his first job in Montreal was working at the Gazette. The tavern license was given to him by Liberal party members as a favour for work he did for the party. He was also very active in funding one of the synagogues."
Aronoff family lineage
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